Business Networking

The PSD philosophy involves business cooperation: we wish to connect people and business, which is why we are very active in BNI that represents the largest business networking organisation in the world. BNI enables its members to share ideas and contacts, and obtain new business referrals. We live the simple BNI philosophy: Givers Gain.

For the fourth year, our company and subsidiaries participate in BNI groups around the world. We are currently active in two groups in Slovenia, BNI Emonika and BNI Agora, and in BNI Sava in Serbia. We were also members of the BNI Arena Leverkusen in Germany, and have organised a new group in Macedonia.

Success comes from networking

Long-term success in any field is ensured by the people we know and those we are about to know. Even if fear hinders development, it is always possible to find open-minded people whose help and networking are genuine. We believe in this concept.

BNI franchise in Macedonia

Through BNI, we can help you find contacts in at least 67 countries around the world. PSD is a co-owner of the BNI franchise in Macedonia; this was the 67th country that accepted the BNI philosophy.

Security and quality

BNI is a safe investment since contacts we receive are verified and confirmed.

What is BNI?

BNI enables its members to exchange ideas and contacts, and what's most important – to obtain new clients.
Active participation in BNI can be compared to having a group of marketers who work for you. Our fellow members will carry your business card with them and recommend your services to people they meet on a daily basis.

BNI allows only one person/company from each branch to join a group thus preventing competition within the group.

BNI has over 7,400 groups in more than 70 countries and joins over 191,000 companies. In 2015, the members exchanged 6.6 million business opportunities worldwide and generated over USD 8.6 billion net turnover.

More than 300 companies are involved in BNI groups in Slovenia, which generated over EUR 9 million net turnover in 2015 from business transactions concluded due to BNI networking.

Between 2008 and 2016, BNI expanded to 15 groups in Slovenia with an average of 30 members. Two years ago, the first group in Croatia was organised, followed by Serbia and Macedonia. There are now several groups in Croatia, a fourth group is being set up in Serbia and the first group started its work in Macedonia in 2016.

Read about the reasons for joining BNI.

BNI Macedonia – franchise co-owners

If you need assistance in obtaining quality contacts for concluding safe and profitable business deals, you can contact us not only in Macedonia but in over 67 countries around the world.

Membership is the best choice since it enables you a place in the group by which you gain over 30 and sometimes even 100 'ambassadors' or sellers who will work on connecting you with their business partners.

Networking equals success.

BNI – safe investment

Those who recognise BNI as an opportunity can soon notice growth in their business.

There are cases where exchanged business contacts generated millions. A prosciutto producer from Spain sold EUR 1 million worth of prosciutto in China due to a BNI contact.

Being a BNI member pays off.

PSD writes your destiny. Let's get to know each other