Peaceful revolution


Peaceful revolution

Someone said that peaceful revolution is an oxymoron, a contradiction in itself. I did not object. The fact that people operate with false information has been confirmed numerous times. I occasionally ask myself if it’s possible to find a reply in imagination or in the knowledge that must be refreshed constantly thus making one’s life an ongoing research and validation of facts.

I didn’t want to leave the matter unresolved, so I researched. What I find an actual fact because I find it real may seem unreal to those who don’t have the same information as me.

So, if 300,000 people demonstrated peacefully in Leipzig in 1989, it can be rightly said that they implemented a peaceful revolution.

When typing ‘peaceful revolution’ in a browser, you may get many hits. Without investigating the background and the occurrence of peaceful revolution, I only wanted to verify that my feeling didn’t lead me astray and that peaceful revolution actually existed.

And what’s the most interesting result of the research?

Certainty in one’s own right or the power which ‘one’s own right’ provides in the form of self-confidence.