Welcome to PSD Group

Who are we?

The PSD Group was formed as an idea of combining all PSD companies and compatible activities of our companies, subsidiaries and partners at home and abroad. We are thus able to respond to your inquiries regarding various business fields, i.e. translation and related activities, advice on documents and solutions for arranging legal, financial, tax and other matters in various countries around the world.



Our employees are experienced experts in their respective fields. They are always happy to promptly respond to your questions.


The basic tool of the PSD Group is communication and not applications that enable access to clients' profiles or software, which provides for the consistency and quality of our services. The emphasis is on dialogue, understanding and adapted solutions.


In addition to external training, our employees also attend internal seminars, where we present novelties after examining and evaluating our past work and achievements.

Our translation team

PSD has 13 full-time employees, three part-time employees, foreign representatives and more than 650 translators worldwide, 50 of whom cooperate with PSD on a daily basis. Since our objective is clients’ satisfaction we cooperate with reliable and competent subcontractors.

We found a reliable partner for translation services

At Terme Lendava, we found a reliable and accurate partner for translation services in the PSD translation agency. The company completely fulfils our criteria:

  • professionalism
  • fast services
  • reliability
  • translations in several world languages
  • good financial and payment conditions
  • attention to the needs of clients.

With PSD, we have permanently solved the problem of translating into all languages, mainly because the quality of their work is also commended by our customers.

Igor Magdič, Terme Lendava, d. d.

We are pleased with their responsiveness

We are cooperating with the PSD translation agency on the issue of the foreign-language magazine, Slovenija vas vabi!, which targets foreign business public. The magazine is a supplement to business press and requires translation of high quality, which PSD undoubtedly provides. We are also pleased with their responsiveness, timely delivery of large quantities of documents in short deadlines and their adjustment to our translation needs. We recommend PSD to all who require a high-qualty and reliable translation partner.

Monika Klinar, M.Sc., Finance

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