Quality certificates

Translation Service Quality: European Quality Certificate EN 15038

EN 15038:2006 is a European standard approved by the European Committee for Standardisation on 13 April 2006. This was the first standard specifically for translation. The standard provides a description and definition of a comprehensive translation service.

The purpose of the EN 15038 standard is to ensure uniform terminology in the field of translation, to define basic requirements for language services and to establish a framework for cooperation between clients and service providers regarding rights and obligations. Other advantages of certificate recommendations are:

  • clients' trust;
  • permanent improvement of services;
  • well-organised work process reflected in high-quality results;
  • increased competitiveness in the market of providers

Quality Management System ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008 includes requirements for a quality management system, which we strive to meet on a daily basis in order to provide an excellent service and continuously raise the satisfaction of our clients.

With the smart implementation policy of the quality management system, we acquire numerous advantages, such as more transparent business organisation, transparency of business processes, recording of responsibility processes and improvement of internal communication.

The basic requirements relate to the quality of the management system, management responsibility, resource management, product realisation, measurement, analysis and improvement.

Certificate of a Tolerant Company

FINI zavod from Radeče awarded us the Certificate of a Tolerant Company.

We are proud of the certificate since it denotes our efforts to support children who are our future.

By making healthy decisions and smart investing, our future will be bright.

Certified subcontractors

PSD cooperates with experienced and certified subcontractors, which enables us to comply with the translation process and provide highest quality products.

Rainbow Cup of Health

Winning the Cup came as a surprise to us. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited us to take part in the 3rd contest, where we received a positive assessment after presenting our measures and experience in maintaining employees healthy.

We are happy that such monitoring is implemented in the private sector.

Recipients of the 3rd contest of the Rainbow Cup of Health

How did we do it?

PSD acts preventively:

- all employees passed the test of establishing the actual biological age and received information on how to improve their health,

- water pitchers at the business premises remind employees on sufficient water intake.

Educational and similar activities involve walking and jogging, and contribute to team spirit for better quality of work and life. The objective is to achieve best results with least stress.

Working times can be adjusted allowing the employees to work from home. The attendance at sporting events (e.g. Ljubljana Marathon) and cycling to work are also encouraged.

PSD team likes to help (participates in various campaigns) and cares for the environment.

PSD has ambitious plans for the future: when moving to a new location, the employees will gain access to a fitness studio, a sauna, a swimming pool and a yoga room.

On behalf of PSD, the Rainbow Cup of Health was accepted by director Dragan Šibanc.

AAA Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness 2018

This certificate from Bisnode Slovenija certifies that the business entity fulfils the international standard of excellence in creditworthiness and belongs to the highest order of excellence in creditworthiness in Slovenia.

The business entity meets the criteria for excellence in creditworthiness in 2018, and is one of the most reliable Slovenian business entities, entitled to use the internationally recognized AAA status, which represents the global standard of excellence in creditworthiness.

Thank you for correct translation.

I confirm the receipt of the translated text. Thank you for correct translation. Best regards,

Damjan Kos, Director of Information and Public Relations Department, Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia

Thank you for delivering translated texts in the afternoon

Thank you and your translators for sending translations to the designer's e-mail address in the afternoon.

Kind regards, Tomaž Kocjan, DARS

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